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Vung Tau Petroleum Trading and Service Join Stock Company (abbreviated VIMEXCO GAS) is one of the Liquefied Petroleum Gas specialized Joint Stock Company with many years experience in its business line in Viet Nam (Liquefied Petroleum Gas is also called Gas).
 VIMEXCO GAS is privatized from/by Branch of Trading and Service Company of Ba Ria Vung Tau province in Ho Chi Minh city, officially operated since August 2006 with its charter capital to be 14 billion VND. It is issued business licence No 4903000272 dated July 21, 2006 by Department of Planning and Investment of Ba Ria Vung Tau Province. On the March of the year 2007, all shareholders had approved to increase VIMEXCO GAS ‘s charter capital up to 64 billion VND. On the September, 2008 VIMEXCO GAS had just increased its charter capital up to 96 billion VND by the company ‘s awarded stock at the 50 % rate and having the amendment at second time with new Business Licence Number to be 3500755050, Its business function and operation areas are diversified, however, VIMEXCO GAS ‘s plan is to concentrate in its main business line, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) – one of the strategic commodities which need to all production industries.
On September 30th, 2009, VIMEXCO GAS Shares has been posted officially at Hanoi Securities Trading Center, its Stock code : VMG
VIMEXCO GAS has more than 300 customers, agencies for the Gas distribution channel and its high-technology staffs and experts specialized in installing vessel, dock warehouse for industrial production and services. It has provided and installed the vessels, pipeline system to the majority of the exported glass-ceramic, porcelain manufacturing plants, factories as well as enterprises in Dong Nai, Binh Duong provinces. 
VIMEXCO GAS owns four good situated building and houses with great value of 350 square meters at the large streets of Ho Chi Minh and Vung Tau city which it is of advantage to business and transactions, it is also owned Gas Filling Station upgraded in Binh Duong province, being VIMEXCO GAS branch, besides, The company has built its Depot and Gas Filling Factory with storage capacity to be 2,400 Metric Ton in 10,000 meters area at Go Dau A Port, Dong Nai province so that it can take the intiative in its LPG import directly from oversea for meeting demand of market.
VIMEXCO GAS had invested 50 billion of capital for buying new Gas tanks of 12kg, 45kg and of 50kg as well as made investment extra a LPG spherical vessel with volume 2000 m3 that its value more than 2 million USD dollars for Depot and Gas Filling Factory at Go Dau Port.
VIMEXCO GAS is in its strong position with large and big vessels, storehouse along with owning five of 15 Metric ton LPG Tank Lorry, fifty of trucks, VIMEXCO GAS company is ready for goods delivery to all customers, consumers, agencies, company at any time 24/24.